Samantha Dauer


"I have been taking classes from Samantha for a few weeks, and would highly recommend her as an instructor. Samantha has such an eye for an individuals strengths, weaknesses, and habits; allowing her to adjust the class specifically for what your body needs. She simultaneously challenges you and makes the work fun with her sparkling personality and laughs! As a dancer, I really love my sessions with Samantha; she is also a dancer and understands what I need in order to be performing and rehearsing at my best. Having a session with Samantha will leave you feeling strong, happy, and ready to take on your day!"

- Lucy Pierson

  Professional Dancer with Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

"Sam’s dance training is integral to her teaching, making her so knowledgeable on how to instruct, correct and cue. I love that during my privates with her, she comes in with a game plan, but feeds off of how I’m feeling and what I need that day. I have learned a lot about Pilates and my own body through our sessions. As a dancer myself, Sam has helped me work through some bad habits I developed in my early training that other teachers haven’t been able to help me fix, as well as help me create new, healthy ones to use in my daily training. She has the best, contagious energy and I always leave with my butt kicked and ready for another session!"
- Megan Rancore
Professional Dancer with Big Muddy Dance Company

"My name is Jacob Frazier and I am a professional dancer. Since taking Pilates lessons with Samantha Dauer my body has changed positively in many ways. Not only have my lessons with Samantha changed my body aesthetically but functionally as well. Through cross training with Pilates I can now perform with a stronger and healthier body. My ankles are stronger and my body alignment is correct. Every time I leave Samantha’s lessons I not only feel accomplished and strong but I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Through Samantha’s guidance I feel like I’ve become a better person in and out of the Pilates studio!"

- Jacob Frazier

  Professional Dancer with Gus Giordano Chicago Dance Company

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